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Hydro Test Pump Motor Driven Unit
Hydro Test Pump (Engine Driven Unit)
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"Hydro Test Pump" or "

Hydro Testing Pump

" is a working procedure for high-pressure testing of tubes, pipes, cylinder, and hydro test of pressure valves, boilers. It also helps to check any leakage or defects in casting components. With a high-pressure plunger pump, the pump's pressure is increased at a set point and time.

Hydro pressure test pumps

are inspected thoroughly to determine the leakages to reduce the set pressure point.

Ambica Machine Tools, a well-known

hydro test pump manufacturer in India

, offers efficient, compact and cost effective equipment to test the water pressure and flow.

Hydro pressure test pump

usually ranges from 1 lpm to 770 lpm. Bearing pumps ranges up to 2800 bar. Hydro testing pumps are designed to check the pressure valves, plumbing lines, and sprinkler systems for both residential and commercial spaces. To serve them, we provide a wide range of hydrostatic test pumps.

How does a Hydro Testing Pump Work?

All the

hydrostatic test pumps

work the same. It helps pump water into the piping system at a normal pressure to ensure no dripping or failure. Being a

hydro test pump manufacturers in India

, we need to follow the best practices for specific pumps:

  • To start the test, you must remove air from all the lines and fill it with water.
  • Open the testing valve or other valve that can allow the water input and air to escape simultaneously.
  • Connect the test hose to the system and then to the hydro testing pump.
  • Turn on the water switch and them the switch on the pump.
  • Keep checking the gauge and pipes for any leakage or damage.
  • Once the desired pressure is reached, switch off the pump and remove the hose.

Hydro Testing Pump Manufacturer & Supplier

Ambica Machine Tools is a leading manufacturer and supplier of various hydro test pumps. Our product quality makes us the best in the industry. Ambica Machine Tools prides itself on providing cutting-edge technology products to its customers with pre and post-sales service. We are a renowned name as a

hydro test pump supplier

in India.

What are Applications of Hydro Test Pump?

  • Boilers, pressure vessels, c.i. Mains, casting parts
  • Gas cylinder, pipes & tubes parts
  • Subject to hydro test pressure

What are The Main Features of a Hydro Test Pump?

  • Electric motorized driven system
  • Totally enclosed drive mechanism.
  • Heavy duty precision gear box.
  • Large air chamber.
  • Self oiling system quick acting relief valve.
  • Totally dependable, reliable and efficient performance.

What are the benefits of a Hydro Test Pump?

  • Mechanism and construction are simple.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Low maintenance and initial cost.
  • Noiseless operation and high reliability.
  • Provide flexibility while connecting the pump with another system.
  • Require less attention and skill.
  • Pressure release cock made from brass metal.
  • Discharge pressure hose with attachment of ½” bsp length 2 mtrs.
  • Stainless steel glycerin filled pressure gauge with 4 ” inch dial.
  • Suction & discharge valve (nrv)made form stainless steel material.
  • Pressure set valve made from stainless steel.
  • Pump air chamber made from mild steel.
  • Pump stand made from mild steel 3” x 1 ½” c channel.
  • Water tank with water capacity of 50 liters & made from mild steel metal
  • Suction hose with 1 mtrs long
  • Pump trolley with four wheels
  • Pulley guard made from mild steel
  • Test pressure up to 705 kg/cm2 (10,000 psi)
  • Water flow capacity up to 150 lph
  • Motor hp up to 5
Model NoPressure up to kg/cm2Capacity in LPHMotor HP/RPM/Kw
AMTMH – 70701501/1440/0.75
AMTMH – 1401401502/1440/1.5
AMTMH  – 2112111103/1440/2.2
AMTMH  – 3503521105/1440/3.5
AMTMH  -500500905/1440/3.5
AMTMH – 700705905/1440/3.5
AMTMH – 10001000907.5/1440/5.5

The product details mentioned above briefly outlines our current standard of our pump range. Information mentioned above is subject to change due to constant developments and performance improvement of all our products. The color of the product shown above is not the identity of the product.

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