6 Points to Consider While Selecting a Hydraulic Test Pump

How to Select the Right Hydraulic Test Pump?

Hydraulic pressure testing of tubes, pipes, gas cylinders, and metal casting pieces is done with a hydraulic pressure pump. The pump has a completely enclosed drive mechanism that includes a huge air chamber. It has an electric motorized driven system. You can entirely depend upon a hydraulic pressure testing machine for its efficient performance.

The hydraulic testing pump is required for many applications, such as for testing boilers, pressure vessels, pipes, gas cylinders, metal casting parts, and more.

Let’s get to the points that must be considered while selecting a hydraulic pressure test pump.

  • Initial pressure

    Generally, a filling pump is required to provide the water in the pump, for which some pressure is always there. It is a vital point to discuss with the manufacturer.

  • Pressure

    It is the most basic selection criteria. You must choose the hydraulic pressure testing pump that has more pressure than you require at the moment, as you may need more pressure in the future. It is advisable to take the pump with 10-20 % more pressure.

  • The number of tests

    You can inform the frequency of the tests you need to take, as the manufacturer can suggest to you the right pressure pump for your requirements.

  • The volume of the equipment

    You can either inform the flow rate or the volume of the equipment to the hydraulic testing pump We advise you to inform volume, as you may assume flow rate proportional to the volume of the equipment; which may be found wrong when it comes to large equipment. On the basis of the volume, the manufacturer can suggest you right pressure pump.

  • Efficiency

    You need to ensure that you buy the pump with utmost efficiency. These three parameters can help you measure it. Volumetric, mechanical, and overall performance.

  • Time

    It is also essential to know how much time you have for developing pressure through the pump. If you have enough time, a smaller pump can be purchased.

To conclude, a hydraulic water pressure testing machine is required in many industries. You should consider these points before you finalize a testing pump. Alternatively, you can inform us your requirements and we can suggest the right pressure pump.

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