Features to consider while buying the Hydrostatic Test Pump

hydro test pumps

Hydrostatic test pump is known for its durability, portability, and power source. The hydro pump helps prevent leakage in the sewer system, plumbing set-up, fire sprinkler, etc. These unsafe buildings damage the machines, whereas hydrostatic proves that its system can identify problems even after visual inspection. At Ambica Machine Tools manufactures a hydro testing pump that is important for companies that specialize in installing, testing, and maintaining the standpipes and fire sprinklers.

There are two critical specifications for hydrostatic test pumps- maximum pressure and the gallons’ volume per minute. With the work known, the pump can move, and the necessary pressure varies from different sizes of the system. A gas-powered pump has higher HP, PSI, and GPM, releasing more tension to the larger systems. Electric pumps have less horsepower and can deliver the speed and pressure at your convenience with safety.

Is hydrostatic test pump heavy?

Weight is a primary concern while choosing a hydrostatic test pump. A healthy person can pick up the importance of a pump. Some lightweight testing pumps are designed with handle or hand-operated that enables to carry. With large dimensions, it may require two people to lift the pump. The power of the system signifies the weight of the pump. A hose and electric cord provide flexibility during hydrostatic tests. Every testing pump needs the supply of energy and water. Pumps backed up by battery and gas, especially for those buildings that do not have any power source.

Features of hydrostatic test pump that can manage the pressure

Hand-operated pumps can manually operate the valve at the supply line. Other electric pumps need to check the valve automatically if the water is flowing in the wrong direction. By feeding the suction-side strainer with the help of hoses debris from the water supply can be prevented.

The liquid-filled pressure gauges ensure the durability that makes the pump more portable. A gauge is fit inside the pumps to indicate the pressure supplied. Gauges use silicone, and other substances to stabilize the needle.

The above features prove that buying a hydro-testing pump is the best option for high water pressure supply among the other industrial pumps. You can contact us to get more details on other pumps like hand-operated barrel pump known as drum pump.

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