All you need to know before buying a drum pump

Drum Pump

Drum pumps are used in a variety of applications across various industries. They are used in food processing plants, chemical plants and manufacturing units as well. Drum pumps are preferred because they are not only versatile but easy to use as well. They are usually quite portable because of which they can be easily moved from one barrel to another without any hassles, but if needed they can also be hard piped which is a great advantage.

Mechanism of a drum pump

You must know that majority of drum pumps have a simple mechanism. A typical drum pump contains a vertical shaft which is nicely placed inside a narrow tube. This tube can fit onto the opening of a drum of 55 gallon. 55 gallon drum is a standard drum. There is a small motor in the system which can be found at the top of the tube. The motor inside a drum oil pump is either an AC or DC motor. Food and agricultural industries use hand cranked pumps. If the pumps are to be used for more viscous applications, pistons pumps are preferred.

In order to keep any sort of corrosion at bay while using for corrosive liquids, these pumps are manufactured in a variety of metallurgies plus non metallic materials.

Choose the right pump according to application

Drum oil pumps can be either air operated or electricity driven. Keep in mind that the pump tubing material is a crucial consideration. Materials used are plastic, stainless steel and PVDF. The material must be compatible with the chemical you are looking to pump. Drum pumps can seamlessly transfer fluids of upto 200 litres in capacity from drums, barrels or other storage mediums. They are commonly used to transfer a variety of fluids inclusive of water, detergent, alcohol, oils and even acids.

Whether you buy a drum or rotary pump, you must know about the maintenance procedure and how often you will need to get the pump inspected and serviced. You will be given a user manual by the manufacturer which you should carefully read and in case you have any queries, you must ask those questions so that the pump can be used for a long time without any interruptions or break down.

Manufacturers also provide overhauling at a reasonable price, so it is always a good idea to discuss about these aspects in detail before buying a pump.

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