Crucial Features to Consider While Choosing a Hydrostatic Test Pump

Hydrostatic Test Pump

Every pump is different from another and that’s why you need to keep certain features in mind while choosing one. According to hydro test pump suppliers, there is a variety of pumps available in the market and you must be clear about your requirements while picking a pump. If you keep few pointers in mind, you can easily make the right selection. Let’s take a look-

Pressure and volume

There are two important aspects to consider while making a selection. Those two factors are pressure (in pounds) per square inch and volume (in gallons) per minute. If you want to use the pump for life safety applications, then you can buy an electric pump. If you are looking for a powerful pump, you can go for a pump with a higher PSI, gallons per minute and horse power. You can easily add more pressure to the system by using a pump with higher gallons per minute.


Suppliers selling hydraulic testing pumps say that another consideration is weight. Pump which are light in weight, can be operated with just one hand, while pumps with large dimensions require two people to lift them. These pumps are mounted on wheels. Simple rule is, the more the power, the higher the weight. A pump made of aluminum is way lighter than of those made with components such as copper, steel and iron.

Pressure gauges

There must be a pressure gauge to indicate the pressure which is being supplied to the system. In order to stabilize the needle of gauge, glycerin, silicone and other substances are used in liquid filled gauges. You must know that hydraulic testing pumps have moving components which generate vibration and heat. It is obvious that these forces are enough to cause damage to pivots and links within the system. Gauge may also fail resulting in inaccurate readings and that’s why pressure gauges are a crucial part and major consideration while selecting a pump.

Pump hose and electrical cord

It is good to have cable of long lengths as they can be used for facilitating connections over a long distance. Pumps which have cords of short lengths can be coupled with standard extension cords. It is recommended to discuss this crucial aspect with the manufacturer.

The best way to choose a hydraulic testing pump is to discuss your requirements with a good hydro test pump supplier. They have an in-house team of experts to guide you through.

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