Debunking Myths Related to Hydrostatic Test Pumps

Hydrostatic Test Pump

Hydrostatic test pumps are used to conduct hydrostatic testing to ensure that pipelines are safe before they are installed. Due to a lack of information and knowledge among people regarding the process, there are more myths than facts. These myths or misconceptions can cause structural problems and can be risky. So, it is important to burst out these misconceptions so that people are aware of the actual process and product. For testing, it is important to use qualitative pumps. Ambica Machine tools offer high quality hydrostatic and high pressure hydro test pumps that ensure quality and safety.

Some Common Myths about Hydrostatic Testing:

“You do not have to remove gas tubes during hydrostatic testing”

The truth is gas tubes should always be removed when doing any kind of testing. It is always advisable to remove the gas tubes because leaving them where they can be damaged is not a good idea. If they are damaged, it will cost you money to fix them. If the damage is not noticeable then that can end up putting you in serious risk. By taking the gas tubes, you actually protect the tubes and reduce the risk of future problems.

“Visual Inspection is not necessary once it passes the hydrostatic test”

A visual inspection is essential even if it passes the test. One should never avoid visual inspection. It is important to pass the hydrostatic test but there should be more than one test to ensure that the system is ready and all the components in the system are working in full order.

“You should not test at more pressure than the system’s design pressure”

Any problem can be located easily if the testing is done at 1.5 times the pressure the system is designed to hold. If something is going to fail, you surely want it to fail during the test and not during its use. Higher pressure during testing can help you ensure proper testing of the system and will warn you about any failures.

“It is not necessary to open all the vents before a test”

The reason the vents are opened is that it removes all the air from the pipes. The air needs to be fully escaped before the test. So, it is essential that you remove all the vents open before a test. By not opening the vents you might put stress on the system that is unnecessary and can be avoided.

“You can weld before the test is performed”

You cannot do welding after the test. It should always be done before the test is carried out as it may be dangerous to weld afterward. Performing all the welding and other hot procedure before a test can ensure accurate testing done through the hydrostatic test pump. Finish all the welding on the pipe system and then conduct the testing procedure.

Now, whenever you are conducting a test clear out these misconceptions before doing the test. Also, use pressure pumps that are efficient, compact, and cost-effective so that you can ensure safety in your industry without spending a lot of money. To suit your specific needs, you can find different combinations of pressure and flow. At, Ambica Machine tools we offer qualitative pumps and testing solutions that you in conducting accurate testing of systems.

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