Hydro Test Pump

Ambica Machine Tools a Hydro test pump supplier manages safe and effective testing for each and every pump. We streamline maintenance and avoid extending schedules with a high-pressure hydraulic test pump which is designed for safety and reliable pressure testing. Piping systems, pipe spools, and pressure vessels need testing to check if the pressure is as much as it is needed. Hydro test pump needs open-end pipe which involves welding on end caps, requires pressure test, cutting the end-caps, and re-beveling the pipe. Project schedules are delayed only because of this time-consuming process.

The electric hydraulic test pump significantly reduces the testing time and hours implicated by the workers. The need for welding and cutting off the end-caps allow you to self-perform the pressure test faster. Additional gripping is needed on the pipe ID which is necessary for the safety test at higher pressures. This is given by a high-pressure hydrostatic test plug. Hydrostatic test pump suppliers like Ambica Machine Tools make sure that these safety measures have been taken care of. To avoid leakage in the seal, these hydrostatic pressure increases the seal and grippers that work together to stop the leakage.

  • Higher test pressures are available upon request up to 15,000 PsiG
  • Size Range up to 3/8” to 48” NPS and even large sizes are available upon request
  • Material used is standard Urethane and different materials can be used upon request

Features and Benefits of Test Pump

  • As mentioned no welding is required so the installation becomes easy
  • Safety measures taken, dual-serrated gripper design used to test pressure which increases the holding capacity
  • End-cap procedures save time up to 90%
  • Reliable and durable by hardened shaft, cone, and grippers
  • Top washer for easy identification and storage
  • Complies with pressure vessel codes
  • No airline lubricator needed
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Automatically holds pressure and no leakage

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