Major Reasons Why Mechanical Seals Fail

Mechanical seal

Mechanical seals are an integral part of pumps and they ensure that no leakage is caused.  Leakages can cause irreparable damage to the machine and that is why mechanical seals have a pivotal role to play. If you want your pump to function seamlessly for a long time, you need to ensure that the mechanical seals are intact and taken care of. If they are required to be replaced, do not overlook and replace them.

According to centrifugal pump suppliers, one of the biggest reasons behind pump downtime is the failure of mechanical seals. You need to choose the right seal for an uninterrupted functioning and optimum performance of your pump. This is important because the seal has to withstand a wide array of working conditions. If you do not choose the right seal which is meant to be used for the function of your pump, then your pump won’t function properly and the seal is bound to get damaged. Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly known reasons why mechanical seals fail.

Pump Running Dry

Lubrication is extremely important for the pump and the seal. Teflon bellow mechanical seal suppliers say that the mechanical seal of your pump easily gets damaged if you make your pump run dry. Friction starts and it causes heat accumulation. It also causes thermal shock. You may be surprised to know that if you let your pump run dry, the mechanical seal can disintegrate within a small span of 30 seconds after heat starts to accumulate.

Pump Imbalance and Vibration

Improper alignment can cause imbalance and pump vibration. Vibrations also cause damage to the seals and machine. It also affects the machine’s performance. If you want to prevent damage to your seals, then make sure there are no vibrations past acceptable levels.

Careless Operation

There are times when seals get damaged because of careless operation and human errors. If you do not start the machine properly, it could trip. Besides, it can also lead to seal failure and make the shaft twist. Life of bearings also gets affected because of human errors. Proper maintenance should be carried out from time to time and your staff must be trained about how to operate the machine.

Using the Wrong Seal

There are times when ever experienced engineers also end up choosing the wrong seal. It results in decreased performance and undesired downtime. Always choose the right seal for optimum performance and efficiency.

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