Reasons to Use a Drum Pump

Use of Drum pump

Drum pumps, also called rotary pump or barrel pump, are one of the most efficient instruments for transferring liquids from heavy barrels in large industries. They work by rotating a shaft inside the narrow tube of a barrel. This process is called actuation and it activates the suction force in the pump. The liquid then starts flowing in the desired direction. The feature which separates them from other pumps is that they can be manually operated. Users can control the flow rate manually by turning the barrel pump with a crank. If manual control is not for you, you can connect the pump to an electrical supply and allow its internal AC motor to do the work for you. The primary advantage of using barrel pumps is that it greatly reduces the load on industry workers since they can transfer liquids without carrying heavy liquid containers. Let’s take a look at some more reasons to use these dual-control pumps.


Even though rotary pumps require some muscle to operate them, they are extremely compatible with various attachments that allow you to connect them with electrical supplies for automatic function. This compatibility feature even lets users connect the pump’s motors with the internet for a truly automated experience using the Internet-of-Things. This can boost productivity by a tenfold margin in your industry.


These pumps are extremely flexible in terms of the containers they can be attached for use with. They also have a range of options when it comes to choosing their tubes. This means a single pump can be used on various kinds of barrels without the need to worry about different pump sizes.


A major reason for which people prefer using rotary pumps in their industries is that they are safer than most other kinds of pumps. They are inert towards most chemicals and are hence the right choice for transferring volatile compounds. They are also safe to use in areas where electricity isn’t a safe choice.

As you can see, dual-operated pumps are great for industries. They have several benefits over other pumps as they are safer, more flexible and are compatible with various upgrades.

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