Understand the Basics of Centrifugal Pump

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Majority of the industrial processes requires the need for fluid conduction or energy transfer. Today, with the advent of centrifugal pumps industries are able to fulfill their turbo machinery needs efficiently. In fact, centrifugal pumps are undisputed choice for transferring fluid in a number of industries including water and waterwater plants, agriculture, petroleum, mining, power generation plants, pharmaceutical, chemical, and many others. Improvement in the pumping equipment has led to the improvement of industrial processes. Centrifugal pumps, today, constitute more than 85% of the overall work production of the pumps due to its capacity to handle high flow rate.

What are Centrifugal Pumps?

In simplified terms, centrifugal pumps are a machine that energizes the liquid to either flow or rise to a height. This pumps belongs to the class of rotary machines or rotary pumps. A variety of configurations are available in centrifugal pumps to suit different applications. Mostly the centrifugal pumps are used due to their efficiency and best rate as compared to other type of pumps. Also, the device has been time-tested and is highly recommended while installing new pumps. Lately due to the development of internal combustion engines and steam turbines centrifugal pumps have replaced positive displacement pumps like rotary pump.

Working Principle

Normally these types of pumps are comprised of a fluid-filled casing and the fluid could be anything but mostly it is water. There is a component within that casing and it rotates subjecting the fluid to centrifugal force.So, due to that force the fluid goes to the discharge opening. Further as the water is discharged, a vacuum is formed generating an atmospheric pressure where the fluid is pushed more from the casing.

Basically, the mechanism or working principle of centrifugal pump is to convert centrifugal force to kinetic energy. The liquid at the case tip experiences the centrifugal force which is equal to the velocity of the vane tip. As the liquid comes out in force it has kinetic energy and it is converted to pressure.

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