Vital Tips to Maintain Your Centrifugal Pump

Centrifugal Pump

Centrifugal pumps require proper and timely maintenance like any other machine. If you want your precious investment to serve you for many years to come without offering any problems, you must never ignore the maintenance bit. It will obviate any operational and productivity issues arising due to undesirable down times. It also helps alleviate any additional maintenance and repair costs from adding up to your existing operational costs.

In this post, we will share few vital tips to maintain your centrifugal pump.

Keep an eye on change in viscosity

Centrifugal pump manufacturers in India say that you must carry out tests at regular intervals to make sure there is no change in viscosity. Surrounding conditions may modify pumpage viscosity. Dilution happens to modify the specific gravity when the pumpage is acid or strong base. In order to determine if pumpage is causing the problem, you must keep an eye on the properties. An affected power curve can be a real culprit and hence it must not be ignored at any cost. You need to run certain tests such as fluid temperature, viscosity tests and specific gravity tests. The best part is that these tests are no expensive at all.

Leakages or blockages

Leakages and blockages in hydraulic system must always be paid attention to. It is pretty much like an electric system. The only difference is that in an electric system it is the voltage and current and in a hydraulic system it is pressure and flow. You can easily identify the issues through a pressure check.

Head and flow

More often than not an improper installation is the real cause of major problems occurring in your centrifugal pump. Make sure that the pump is installed correctly as advised by the manufacturer. Impeller installation is crucial as well. Besides, if the flow is high the head will be low and if the head is high the flow will be low which can be a problem as well. If you are unsure about these parameters, you must get in touch with a good centrifugal pump manufacturer in India to discuss about this. This will make your life easy while using the centrifugal pump.

When the pump doesn’t operate on its curve, it is certainly bound to cause problems. There are times when you wonder what’s the reason behind it and still unable to identify the issue. It can be due to vapor entering the pump because of cavitation. In such situation, the pump won’t operate on the curve.

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