Significance of Choosing the Right Pressure Water Jetting Pump

Water Jetting Pump

Choosing the right water jetting pump of the right size and capacity is pretty important. Making the right choice helps you produce parts at the lowest cost possible. When it comes to specifications, you must know that there are countless options and you got to pick one that’s the most apt for your requirements. What horsepower pump you need? Whether you should go for a rotary pump or a low cost direct drive pump are some other considerations you need to make. Let’s take a look at some aspects you need to consider while making a choice.

Application you want to use it for

Searching for the right pump begins with taking into consideration your application. If you approach a reputed water jetting pump manufacturer, they will ask you several questions such as whether you need a single nozzle or double nozzle water jetting pump, what application you will use it for, does the application need the addition of abrasive and so on. They will also ask you how quick you want the product to be cut. It is a good idea to make notes before approaching the manufacturer.

Free test cuts

All renowned water jetting pump manufacturers provide free test cuts to help the customer determine which pump is the best to buy. The manufacturer and supplier will perform a series of test cuts to find out the best speed, cutting pressure and horsepower. They also establish whether the application customer wants to use it for, needs an addition of abrasive or the material can be cut with straight water.

Intensifier vs. Direct Drive

Basically there are two types of water jetting pumps available in the market. Hydraulic intensifier pumps and positive displacement pumps which are also known as direct drive pumps. The upfront cost of a direct drive pump tends to be lesser than a hydraulic pump. Direct drive pumps are low maintenance pumps but are used for entry level jobs and low volume cutting. Hydraulic intensifier pumps are used for cutting thick materials and huge volumes.

Extreme cutting pressures

Another important aspect to consider is extreme cutting pressures. There are pumps available that provide operating pressures exceeding 90K psi and there are pumps available that offer cutting pressures of 60K psi as well. The upfront cost of the former is certainly higher than the latter, but they offer higher level of efficiency and productivity as well.

Hope you found the post useful. Should you need more information about rotary drum pump or any other water jetting pump, feel free to contact us. We will answer all your queries to your satisfaction.

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