Water Jetting Pumps


Hydro Test Jet Pump With Water Tank
Hydro Test Jet Pump With Water Tank
Hydro Test Jet Pump Engine Driven Unit
Hydro Testing Jet Pump
Hydro Test Jet Pump

Ambica Machine Tools are a leading

water jet pump manufacturers

. These

high-pressure water pump in India

requires one operator in each application as the jetting pumps are highly reliable with a powerful blasting effect. It helps solve difficult cleaning problems. These pumps have versatile uses and are easily transportable for mobile cleaning.

Application of Water Jetting Pumps

  • Boilers, Pressure Vessels, C.l. Mains Casting Parts.
  • Gas Cylinder, Pipes & Tubes Parts Pumps and Valve Body.
  • Subject to Hydro Testing / Jetting.
  • Railway Workshop & Cleaning Yards.
  • Airports & Shipyards.

Special Features of Water Jetting Pump

  • Electric Motor or Engine Driven System
  • Heavy duty construction, light in weight.
  • Stainless steel fluid end construction CF8 (SS 304) F
  • Subjected to full load testing.
  • Totally Dependable, Reliable And Efficient Performance
  • Self Oiling System Quick Acting Relief Valve
  • Manufactured on state of the art machinery
  • Pulley & Belts drive System
  • Brass Unloaded Valve with inlet bypass
  • Adjustable Pressure Regulator
  • Trolley Mounted Pump Unit
  • Pistons Are Ceramic Coated
  • Pressure Release Cock Made From Brass Metal
  • Pump Head Made From Brass Material.
  • Crank Case Made From Aluminum Material.
  • Pump Unloaded Valve Made From Brass Material
  • Discharge High Pressure Hose with Attachment Length 3 Mtrs.
  • Stainless Steel Glycerin Filled Pressure Gauge With 4’’ Inch Dial
    With Calibration Certificate )
  • Discharge Valve(NRV) Made From Stainless Steel Material.
  • Pump Pulley made from C.I. / Aluminum Material
  • Pressure set valve Made From Stainless Steel Material
  • Pump Plunger Made From Ceramic Material
  • Pump Stand Made From Mild Steel 3’’ x 1 1/2 ’’ C Channel
  • 3 Mtrs inlet hose with Stainless Steel Strainer
  • Pump Trolley With Four Wheels
  • Suitable Electric Motor Starter Supple With Pump ( C & S Control Penal / DOL Starter)
Max pressureUp to 140 kg/cm2
Max flowUp to 50 lpm
Max motor / Engine HPUp to 10
Max pump RPMUp to 750
AMTTPP – 18/20AMTTPP – 35/35AMTTPP – 50/50AMTTPP – 100/20AMTTPP – 140/20
No. of Piston23333
Max. Pressure256 PSI
(18 KG.)
500 PSI
(35 KG.)
700 PSI
(50 KG.)
1422 PSI
(100 KG.)
256 PSI
(18 KG.)
Pump RPM600540600600600
Suction Capacity ( LPM )1535502020
Electric motor2 H.P.
(1440 RPM)
3 H.P.
(1440 RPM)
5 H.P.
(1440 RPM)
7.5 H.P.
(1440 RPM)
10 H.P.
(1440 RPM)
V – Belt SizeB-34A-40A-42B-20B-20
Weight15 KG.20 KG.25 KG.60 KG.60 KG.
HeadSS 304SS 304SS 304SS 304SS 304
PistonSS 304SS 304SS 304SS 304SS 304
Stroke Length2020302525
Piston Diameter3030304040

The product details mentioned above briefly outlines our current standard of our pump range. Information mentioned above is subject to change due to constant developments and performance improvement of all our products. The color of the product shown above is not the identity of the product.