Vital Information about Barrel Pumps

Barrel Pumps

Barrel pumps are used in a variety of industries and hence are considered indispensable to plenty of applications. According to the manufacturers of pneumatic barrel pumps these pumps are used in drums and barrels and that’s why sometimes are also known as container pumps. Drum or rotary drum pumps are available in the market in 55 gallon size barrels. They are available in a wide array of forms from rotary style to a number of other varieties such as double diaphragm, air, electric, piston to name a few.

Drum pumps are consists of a vertical shaft with a thin tube which is inserted in the gap of the drum. The pump motor is hooked up to the vertical shaft at the highest of the tube which is on the outside and on the top of the drum. Pumping component can also be located at the top of the shaft inside the drum. Rotary drum pumpmanufacturers say that this is a great configuration which allows the drum to be empty apart from reducing any risks of spillage or injuries.

Functioning of a barrel pump

A barrel pump works when it is fitted into the top most opening of a drum through the slender tube it contains. There is also a small motor, which is attached to the shaft. This motor either runs on AC or DC power. The drum pump is turned on by a switch. When started, the pumping mechanism coming from the very base of the tube sucks out the content. Few drum pumps can also be actuated manually using a crank.

Things to keep in mind while buying a barrel pump

First things first! You need to be sure about your requirements before buying a pump. Rotary pump manufacturers say that it will help you pick the right pump which is in your budget as well. Consider factors such as what purpose, you will be using the pump for? Will it be for field mowing, various instrumentation or tiny tractors or heavy duty applications? Also keep in mind the accessories you will need along with the pump.

Industries barrel pumps are used in

As you know there are a number of fluids and liquids which are required to be handled, transferred, transported or processed, the use of barrel pumps is not just confined to hydro-carbon industries. These pumps are utilized in a variety of industries for the same reason. Industries these pumps are used in are: automotive, manufacturing and chemical.

Hope you found the post useful. Make sure that you buy the pump from a reputed manufacturer of barrel pump. For more information about rotary pump, feel free to get in touch with us.

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