Centrifugal Process Pump

Centrifugal Process Pump

Centrifugal Process Pump
Centrifugal Process Pump

Application of Centrifugal Process Pump

Water-Treatment, De-Scaling, Dyes & Chemicals, Fertilizers, Textiles Processing, Paper And Pulp Industries, Agriculture.

Special Features of Centrifugal Process Pump

  • Split casting direct motor coupled centrifugal pump suitable for 1440 rpm.
  • Pumps available with gland packing arrangement.
  • Easy to dismantle and reassemble for maintenance.
  • Better interechangeability of parts
Cast Iron:Pump Housing, Pump Casting & Impeller
EN-8Pump Shafting
Ghun MetalBuss
Model No.Size in mmHpHead in Meter
AMTW 50A65 X 505.000.000.0018.4017.2014.8010.903.300.00
AMTW 50B65 X 503.0011.5011.2010.9010.208.805.000.000.00
AMTW 50C65 X 503.0011.2010.709.500.00
AMTW 65A65 X 655.0018.5018.5018.3017.9017.2015.9013.000.00
AMTW 65B65 X 653.0011.5011.4011.3010.809.907.50
AMTW 65C65 X 653.0012.0011.7010.807.50
AMTW 80A80 X 657.500.0024.5024.4023.8022.5021.0016.908.300.00
AMTW 80B80 X 655.000.000.0024.8023.0020.4014.00
AMTW 80C80 X 653.000.000.0024.8023.0020.4014.00
AMTW 80X80 X 807.5024.5024.5024.4024.0023.5022.9018.00
AMTW 80Y80 X 805.0025.5025.0024.0022.0016.50
AMTW 80Z80 X 803.0019.2018.8018.0016.5012.20
AMTW 100A100 X 8010.000.0038.8036.5034.1031.1030.0021.6013.30
AMTW 100B100 X 807.500.0037.0034.9029.4020.30
AMTW 100C100 X 805.0029.5027.1021.8014.60

Note: Above product details briefly outline our current standard pump range. Due to constant development in pumps and improve the performance of our all products information is subject to change without any notice. Product colour is not a identity of product.