Magnetic Driven SS Pump

Magnetic Driven SS Pump

Magnetic Driven SS 316 Monoblock Pump
Magnetic Driven SS 316 Monoblock Pump

Series CFM in SS 316 Construction

All pumps made from SS 316 Steel Seal-less Design with 100% Leak Proof operation No Shaft Seal & Hence No maintenance down time Ideal for transfer, loading & unloading of Chemicals, Food grade liquids, Toxic and Fuming liquids Available in Std. Motor and with Flame Proof Motors also Permanent High power Rare Earth Magnets.

Application of Magnetic Driven SS Pump

  • Water treatment plant
  • Effluent treatment
  • Filter press for dyes and chemicals
  • Fertilizer plants thermal and atomic power plants
  • Drugs & pharmaceutical industries
  • Rescaling of tubes
  • Scrubbing of corrosive gases like cl2, br, I so2, nh3, f2 etc.
  • Excellent for vacuum ejectors
  • Transferring of concentrated hcl from road tankers
  • Paper & pulp industries
  • Pickling plants & caustic soda plants

Standard Specification

  • Permanent high power rare earth magnets
  • Bush made from carbon filled teflon or silicon
  • Shaft of ss 316 or hastalloy
  • Casing gasket of viton
  • Max. Operating temp.150 dec c
  • Flange connections as per bs 10 table e
MODELSizeHPHead in Mtrs / Capacity in LPM
( S X D)68101216202428323640455055
CFM 0112 X 120.52218148
CFM 0225 X 250.75120105958060
CFM 03245 X 251160140120251007020
CFM 3A40 X 401.525022019516010030
CFM 4A40 X 4021801601207525
CFM 4B50 X 4022752201507520
CFM 5A50 X 4032201859540
CFM 5B50 X 50332530024012050
CFM 6A50 X 4052302001751407525
CFM 6B65 X 505410375320265225165
CFM 7A50 X 407.52852602301901457020
CFM 7B65 X 507.5650575515310210150
CFM 7C80 X 807.51050900735475225
CFM 7E80 X 657.5750650540340180
CFM 8A50 X 401032529027525022517060
CFM 8B65 X 5010785700640575470275
CFM 8C100 X 801012501140950800570
CFM 9A50 X 4012.5500480460435410375320250
CFM 9B65 X 5012.5700650590490375
CFM 9C80 X 6512.512701230118010901010905810700585
CFM 10A80 X 65151025975945915820750540285
CFM 10B100 X 100151780170015651240650
CFM 11A65 X 5020665450380
CFM 11B80 X 65201025970910850720
CFM 11C100 X 100201890178016201350925750

Note: Above product details briefly outline our current standard pump range. Due to constant development in pumps and improve the performance of our all products information is subject to change without any notice. Product colour is not a identity of product.