P.V.D.F Process Pump

P.V.D.F Process Pump

P.V.D.F Process Pump
P.V.D.F Process Pump
P.V.D.F Process Pump
P.V.D.F Process Pump

Most suitable pumps for use in highly corrosive and toxic liquids such as Sulfuric acid (upto 98%F Nitric Acid, Chrome liquid, Fluorides, Cynide, Toluene. Petroleum Products and many more liquids.

Application of P.V.D.F. Process Pump

  • Water treatment plant
  • Effluent treatment
  • Filter press for dyes and chemicals
  • Fertilizer plants thermal and atomic power plants
  • Drugs & pharmaceutical industries
  • Re-scaling of tubes
  • Scrubbing of corrosive gases like cl2, br, I so2, nh3, f2 etc.
  • Excellent for vacuum ejectors
  • Transferring of concentrated hcl from road tankers
  • Paper & pulp industries
  • Pickling plants & caustic soda plants

Standard Features of P.V.D.F. Process Pump

PVDF Series pumps are solid moulded from virgin raw material hence give better life and performance than line pumps. Each pumps are tested for its performance and workmanship before delivery to customer for optimum reliability. All parts are standardized and can be easily replaced during pump service life.

  • Casing, impeller & casing cover made from molded PVDF
  • Shaft sleeve made from ceramic or alloy – 20
  • Material bearing housing made from cast iron or cast steel metal
  • Shaft made from en – 9, stainless steel 304 or 316 material

Teflon bellows with gft face or silicon face v/s ceramic externally mounted mechanical seal or ptfe gland packing

Capacity Up To50 M3/Hr.
TDH H – Up To35 Mtr.
Pump Sizes – DN25 mm To 50 mm
Speed – N1440/2880 rpm at 50 Hz & 1750/3500 rpm at 60 Hz
TemperatureUp to 120’C
PP 50′ to 80′ C
PPH 90″ to 100′ C
PVDF 100′ to 115 C
ModelHPIn / Out SizeHead in Mtrs
PVDF 100125 x 2512119630
PVDF 120240 x 32Capacity in M3/hr

Bath Performance @ 2900 RPM

ModelHPIn / Out Size51012151820252731
PVDF 130350 x 4028252220171250
PVDF 160550 x 4040353733282416100

Note: Above product details briefly outline our current standard pump range. Due to constant development in pumps and improve the performance of our all products information is subject to change without any notice. Product colour is not a identity of product.