Triplex Plunger Pump AMTHP Series

Triplex Plunger Pump AMTHP Series

Triplex Plunger Pump Amthp Series
Triplex Plunger Pump Amthp Series

Triplex plunger pumps are low maintenance solutions for high – pressure application such as hydro testing, car washes and jetting application. This pump is excellent for testing leakage and integrity from Boiler, Pressure Vessels, Metal Casting, Gas Cylinder, Pipes& Tubes Part. Triplex Plunger Pump are supply with different metals like brass, forged stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316, duplex steel, nickel bronze aluminum bronze etc. Ambica Machine Tools is a pioneer

plunger pump manufacturer in India

providing superior-grade solutions to a global clientele base since its foundation.

Application of Triplex Plunger Pump AMTHP Series

  • Hydroblasting
  • Tube Cleaning
  • Paint Removal
  • Hydro Test
  • Surface Preparation & Many More…..

Special Features of Triplex Plunger Pump AMTHP Series

  • Electric motorized driven system
  • Heavy duty precision gear box
  • Totally enclosed drive mechanism.
  • Self oiling system quick acting relief valve.
  • Brass unloaded valve with inlet bypass
  • Adjustable pressure regulator
  • Trolley mounted pump unit.
Crankshaft is made of nitrated, hardened and precision ground for extremely long life and durability.
Main body in spheroidal graphite iron casting with honned surface finish bore
Alloy steel casting piston & stainless steel piston rod are hardened & super finish surface.
Forged steel connecting rods with antifriction bearings. Heavy pin area construction, for added load strength.
Oversized for maximum life and load distribution.Self alignment roller bearing enables it to handle 26% more load than other pumps.
Liquid end is made of high corrosion resistant forged Stainless Steel 304.
Valves made stainless steel for hardened & anti corrosion hard surface coated for long life. High volumetric efficiency valves operate at 95% efficiency plus.
Primarily composed of ceramic coated or Tungsten coated. Surface roughness is extremely good i.e. <0.2 Ra. (99.5% Alumina Grade)
Aramide fibre yarn packing with PTFE fibre face or carbonaceous aramide yarn packing with GFO fibre face for high compressive & tensile strength ensure effective sealing.
Antifriction bearings for long life of crankshaft.
Alloy steel Helical gear is nitride hardened and precision ground for extremely long life and durability
Alloy steel Pinion shaft is nitride hardened and precision ground for extremely long life and durability
  • Plunger Stroke : 105 mm
  • Plunger Force : 40 KN (4080 Kgf)
  • Max. Plunger Speed : 1.52 m/sec @ 500 spm
  • Inlet Pressure Min. / max : 2 to 3 bar(Booster pump flow require min 1.5 times of rating flow)
  • Oil Type : 80 W 90
  • Oil Capacity : 5 Ltr
  • Max. Liquid Temp. : 70 DEG. C ( 160 DEG. F)
  • Suction Connection : 2” BSPF
  • Discharge Connection : 1/2” BSPF
  • Medium : Clean Water
  • AMTTPP Series : Designed in built Gear.
  • Splash Lubrication / Forced Feed Lubrication
AMTHP SERIES – 15000 PSI ( 1000 BAR ) PUMP
Model No.Plunger Dia. (mm)Flow Rate (LPM)Crank Shaft speeds 435 Min. with 1450 RPM
100 HP / 75 KW125 HP / 90 KW150 HP / 110 KW
AMTHP – 13/38203895012001300
AMTHP – 10/4722478009501000
AMTHP – 95/562456650800950
AMTHP – 80/652665550700800
AMTHP – 70/762876480600700
AMTHP – 60/873087410500600
AMTHP – 52/993299375450525
AMTHP – 40/12636126280350400

Note :

  1. Maximum Permisible fluid temperature is 70 Deg. C.
  2. Power calculations shown in the table is based on maximum rated pressure however for low pressure requirement, power will also be propertionally reduced. Pump speed lower then specified in above chart is also available for special application.
  3. Volumetric efficiency is considered @ 100% where not specified.

Note :

  1. Flow rates indicated are at 100% volumetric efficiency. Actual flow rate will be >= 90%
  2. All models are suitable for 50 Hz (1450 RPM) and 60 Hz (1800 RPM) power specification.

Note: Above product details briefly outline our current standard pump range. Due to constant development in pumps and improve the performance of our all products information is subject to change without any notice. Product colour is not a identity of product.